HandOff Checklist

Patients Arriving FROM OR         

        Handoff at the bedside on patients arriving from the OR: This formal process involves sharing of information to all members of the medical team in a standardized fashion (templates are kept in each room hanging from the hand sanitizer gel). BEFORE the handoff begins, the “critical hookup” of the patient from any portable monitors to the SICU bedside monitors should occur. Make sure that the EICU green button is activated to alert the EICU staff of the arrival. During handoff, the patient should be monitored. There should be a handoff of information from the surgeon and anesthesiology clinician with an opportunity for the ICU physicians and nurses to ask questions, provide their perspective, and discuss concerns for the patients.

Patients Going TO OR

All patients going to OR need handoff at the bedside as well. The Anesthesia Team, Surgical Team, ICU Team, and Bedside Nurse should all be present. The patient’s status should be reviewed, along with the operative plan, and any concerns from the ICU team should be addressed. Please be sure to alert the EICU staff that the patient is headed to the OR as well.

Patients Arriving FROM ED

All patients arriving from the ED follow the set Handover policy listed below.

ED->ICU handoff

Patients Arriving FROM IR

All patients arriving from IR should follow the set Handover policy listed below.

IR–>SICU Handoff