Many invasive procedures are performed in 44ICU. There are at least three doctors and one nurse present for procedures: The resident, the fellow, and the attending. Residents should never perform a procedure without the fellow or bedside nurse present. Please coordinate time of all non-emergent procedures with the patient’s nurse so she/he can be present to assist and observe. Specifically, ask the nurse when s/he will be available. Do not do procedures without a nurse in the room. A “time-out” should be done before all procedures and documented by the bedside nurse. The only exception to the time-out requirement is an emergent procedure

      You are required to document every procedure in Epic regardless of your success. Under the Procedure tab select “New Note” and then select the type of procedure.  Please be sure to put the fellow and attending as co-signers on all notes. The person performing the procedure will be responsible for finishing the procedure note immediately after completion of the procedure, whether or not the procedure was successful. 

The SICU is equipped with multiple procedure carts. These procedure carts are located in the equipment supply room. If other tasks prevent you from obtaining a cart, you can ask the nursing staff to bring you a procedure cart and the appropriate catheters prior to any procedure. This cart will include items required for procedures performed in the ICU such as arterial lines, central venous catheters, and pulmonary artery catheters. The standard is that all people IN THE ROOM will wear a hat and mask and the people performing the procedure will also wear sterile gowns, sterile gloves, and protective eye wear following appropriate hand hygiene (alcohol foam or adequate hand washing).

Procedural Sedation in 44ICU for non-intubated patients

Central Lines

Procedure Discussion Documentation