Resident call schedule will be completed by Kendra Gregory ( or Alexis French ( and distributed in a timely fashion. Teams are made up of an attending, a fellow and 3 clinicians made up of a combination of advanced practice clinicians (NP / PA’s), residents, and interns from various departments. The SICU has 36 beds which means each team can carry up to 18 patients at a time, up to 6 patients per clinician. Each shift is 12 hours with sign-outs being at 6am and 6pm. The team fellow will assign patients appropriate to the level of the clinician, attempting to preserve graduated responsibility with more junior clinicians allowed more time for more in depth thinking, learning, and reading. Additionally, sometimes if enough interns, a team of 6 patients will be split between 2 interns.

       We strictly follow the ACGME guidelines required for interns and residents. Interns and residents are required to keep track of their own hours each day. It is for this reason that the current resident schedule consists of 12 hours shift with ~ 1 hour for sign-in and sign out. The day team should not arrive any earlier than 6am, which will allow them to stay until at least 7 pm that night. The night team must leave by 8:00am if they are to return at 6:00pm to comply with the 10-hour between shift rule. When the 8:00- time point arrives, the resident must leave. Any issues with residents regarding work-hour limits should be immediately reported to Dr. Justin Knittel ( or Kendra Gregory (