Lecture Schedule Multidisciplinary Critical Care Lecture Series (MDCCLS): These lectures are on a more advanced level from local or national critical care leaders and are generally held Wednesdays from 5-6 pm in the 44ICU conference room. The Fellows Critical Care Lecture Series (FCCLS) are held on Thursdays from 1-2 PM in the 44ICU conference room. Morbidity & Mortality, Journal Club, Board Review, Research lectures are also held on Thursdays from 2-3PM in the 44ICU conference room. All ICU team members are encouraged to attend these educational opportunities.CRITICAL CARE LECTURE SERIES


The ICU fellows have prepared short “wiki”-style lectures which cover high-yield topics in a short, concise manner. These lectures will cover basic critical care topics and given Tuesday and Wednesday after rounds in the 44ICU conference room at 1 PM. Wiki lectures are mandatory for all residents except the night team unless a resident is engaged in a clinical activity that cannot wait for 30 minutes. Due to the nature of the ICU, it is possible that a wiki lecture will be missed. If this happens frequently with a Fellow, please notify Dr. Wessman, Dr. Schuerer, or Dr. Buckman who will ensure the lectures generally happen as planned.