How to Make Coffee

Many of the doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists of the 4400 ICU enjoy starting their day or revitalizing their afternoon with a cup of coffee. Dr. Boyle provides his coffee (Shaw’s Coffee Ltd., as a courtesy to all 4400 staff. Staff who drink the coffee regularly know how to brew the coffee to Shaw’s specification. Here are the directions.

1) The Bunn coffee machine is located in the breakroom across the hall from the conference room. Empty the basket and clean it. Fresh filters can usually be found in the cabinets above the machine.

2) The Coffee is usually in the refrigerator freezer. If there is no coffee Gemma in the critical care offices can usually find some. Measure 2 cups of coffee and add to the filter.

3) The Coffee urns are usually in the breakroom or near the viewing room/workroom. Open the urn, remove the inner pump, and clean the urn. Place the open urn carefully under the filter basket. The “On” switch should be lit (the machine is always on to heat the water reservoir) and push the Start switch. If the Onswitch is not lit, some troubleshooting may be required. Check to ensure the machine is plugged in, and that the breaker in the kitchen outlet has not been tripped. If these maneuvers do not solve the problem notify Barb of the crisis.

4) At this point coffee should be brewing. Wait for the urn to fill; if the urn is not full and no more coffee is dripping from the machine. These directions should render a wonderful cup of robust coffee. Half and half is usually available in the breakroom refrigerator, courtesy of the critical care dept.