1. Ensure that you have installed and signed into the Danforth Campus VPN
  2. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application on your computer
  3. In the field designated “Computer”, fill in WUIT-S-00185 and press “Connect”
  4.  If it is your first time connecting to the server, it will prompt you for your username and password; if reconnecting, it will just prompt you for your password.

You will have a private folder on the D: drive of the server where you may save your work . If working with another student or WashU collaborator, a folder can be created that both (or all) researchers involved on the project can write to- just reach out to the Washington University IT helpdesk.

Please remember that computing resources and storage space on the server is shared between your fellow researchers, so try to keep as many files as possible that you’re not currently working on in a different location. Olin IT will periodically reach out to ask users to clean up their work folders when they approach our storage thresholds.