Buying a Computer

You will most likely find life at Olin without your own computer to be a difficult one. Nearly every aspect of your academic program will have an online or digital component to it. We strongly encourage all students to have their own computer when they arrive at Olin.

These recommendations are for all Olin students. Although only the full-time MBA program and the EMBA program are required to have a laptop, these systems are recommended and available to all Olin students.

We recommend Dell Latitude laptops. You can order discounted, pre-configured systems online at the Dell Premier web site.

Olin Computer Recommendations/Requirements

These recommended specifications are provided as a guideline:

  • Intel Core i5 or i7
  • 8 GB RAM or more
  • 256GB SSD hard drive or larger
  • Wireless Ethernet
  • Windows 10
  • 3 Year warranty with onsite service
  • USB Flash Drive (8 GB or larger)
  • Microsoft Office 2016 — Do NOT buy with your laptop! All WUSTL students can acquire Office at no cost as part of your Office 365 benefits. Instructions for how to download Office for Mac and Windows are available.
  • Antivirus Software — Windows 10 includes Windows Defender built-in.

Purchasing Your Computer

We offer a pre-configured configuration for laptops with Dell Computer. The systems are ready to order as configured, or you can use it as a starting point and adjust the configuration to meet your specific requirements. Other systems and form factors from different manufacturers are acceptable as well as long as the specs are similar.

Access the Dell Premier web site for these systems, as well as access to discounted pricing on all Dell laptop and desktop systems. The recommended system can be purchased by clicking the appropriate links on the Dell site.

Do NOT buy your copy of Office with your laptop. All students are eligible for Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus licenses at no cost. Instructions for how to download Office for Mac and Windows are available.

Full-time MBA students should have their system with them when they arrive on campus. Make sure you order your system early!

The University has standardized on Dell systems for internal use and have found them to be high quality systems at competitive prices. We will provide limited support for student laptops primarily focused on connectivity to our networks and printing. Hardware support must be handled through the manufacturer.


Wireless access is available throughout Simon Hall, Knight Hall, Bauer Hall, and the Knight Center.


Computers do fail at times, and laptops are more susceptible due to their portability. it is important to have a warranty that covers as much of your time here at Olin. Onsite service is important as well, as shipping it off for repairs will leave you without a system for several days at best.

Dell offers an option called Complete Care with their warranty. Dell’s CompleteCare provides repair or replacement of your Latitude notebook for any damage that is caused by accidents or other incidents beyond your reasonable control. CompleteCare helps protect your notebook against the rough and tumble world of mobile computing. The combination of CompleteCare and Dell’s rugged, high quality notebooks can provide outstanding investment protection. This service is a supplement to Dell’s Three Year Limited Warranty/Service Plan and covers non-intentional, accidental damage for three years. Damage caused by intentional acts, fire, theft, or loss is not covered under CompleteCare.

USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are a handy alternative for moving files when cloud storage isn’t available.

What about Macs?

If you are considering buying a Mac or already have a Mac, please see our “What About Macs” page.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions about these configurations, purchasing a computer, or have other questions, please contact the Olin Help Desk ( Note that any Help Desk requests must be sent from your WUSTL mailbox. Alternatively you can logon to Web Help Desk using your WUSTL Key and submit your request to us that way.

Microsoft Software for Students

Microsoft Office

All students with Office 365 Accounts are able to download and install Microsoft Office for both Windows and Mac at no cost on up to five PCs or Macs. Instructions for how to download Office for Mac and Windows are available.

Microsoft Windows

If you have a sytem that does not have Windows 10, you can upgrade at no cost.  To be eligible, students must enrolled in a degree program that will result in the granting of a business degree (BSBA, MBA, MACC, MSFin, etc.).  Business minors and second majors from other schools at the University are not eligible for this program through Olin. Instead they should check with their schools to see whether they have a similar program.

To order and download the Windows 10 upgrade, visit our OnTheHub eStore at and logon using your WUSTL Key account.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions about these configurations, purchasing a computer, or have other questions, please contact the Olin Help Desk via email (Help Desk).