Official University Policies

Nothing in these guidelines is intended to conflict with the Washington University Computer Use Policy, the Washington University Policy on Sexual Harassment, and all other appropriate policies, laws, and regulations.

Guidelines apply to all users.

These policies apply to faculty, staff, and students equally, unless otherwise noted.


Data files and messages traversing the Olin network are not completely private.

Olin reserves its right, as the owner of the network and the computers in question, to examine, log, capture, archive, and otherwise preserve or inspect any message transmitted over the network and any data files stored on University-owned computers. All users must recognize that electronic communications are owned by Olin and that during the course of the ordinary management of computing and networking services, network administrators may inadvertently or be required to view user files or messages. In addition, if a user is suspected of violations of University policies or guidelines regarding computer and email use, that user’s privacy is superseded by the University’s requirement to maintain the network’s integrity and the rights of all network users. In the event of criminal or legal investigations, Olin may also be required to provide copies of this information to the appropriate authorities.


Reporting Complaints

Complaints by any user receiving electronic transmissions, or complaints concerning any other violation of these policies, may be submitted to the Manager of IT.

Minor Infractions

Minor infractions of these policies, when accidental, are generally resolved informally. Administration may contact the party or parties involved informing them of the infraction or may schedule in-person discussion and education sessions to revolve the infraction. Every attempt will be made to resolve the infraction at this level and to prevent further infractions.

Repeated Infractions and Serious Misconduct

Repeated minor infractions or serious misconduct may result in the temporary loss of computer access privileges or the modification of those privileges to prevent the party or parties from further violations pending appropriate action. Offenders will be referred to their sponsoring advisor, department, employer, or other appropriate University office for further action. If the individual is a student, the matter may be referred to the Office of Student Affairs for disciplinary action. Temporary or permanent loss of computer access privileges may result, as determined by the appropriate disciplinary overseers. (More serious violations include, but are not limited to the unauthorized use of computer resources, attempts to steal passwords or data, unauthorized use or copying of licensed software, repeated harassment, or threatening behavior.)

Any offense which violates local, state, or federal laws may result in the immediate loss of all University computing privileges and the offence will be referred to appropriate University offices and/or law enforcement authorities. If necessary, such instances may result in the suspension of computing service until the matter is resolved. Users are advised that anyone who tampers with computer equipment, computer software, or computer data may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties.

Users may appeal any decision to the Dean of the School of Business.


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