McKelvey Pre-Award Services and Support policy

Review guidance and procedures for proposal development at McKelvey, including processing timeline, complex proposals and special circumstances, services available, and PI responsibilities.

Your First Line of Assistance: Pre-Award Specialists & Department Administrators

Your Pre-Award Specialist or Department Administrator (DA) will be a valuable resource throughout the application process. Your support staff provides assistance with proposal planning and coordination, budget development, human resource issues, document compilation, and proposal submission. These staff members also serve as liaisons to the various central research offices. Contact Us.

Eight Steps to Submitting Your Application

  1. Select funding opportunity
  2. Complete the Proposal Initiation Form
  3. Read/review solicitation; your support specialist sends copy to the Office of Sponsored Research Services (OSRS)
  4. Develop scope of work
  5. Confirm collaborators
  6. Prepare budget and budget justification
  7. Complete sponsor’s application per solicitation
  8. Prepare forms and obtain signatures:
  • Proposal Certification (PC) form (may include additional disclosure/certification forms for certain agencies)
  • Dean’s PC Form
  • Conflict of Interest (COI) financial disclosure statement (annual); Complete in RMS. Includes External Professional Activity (EPA) disclosure, which must be submitted annually or withing 30 days for newly acquired interests or activities.
  • Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) training (one-time only); Complete in Learn@Work.

Proposal Processing Timeline

Processing TimelineMinimum Lead Time ahead of Sponsor Deadline (15-5-1)
1. Initial proposal notification/budget request15 business days
2. Final budget, justification, and draft SOW5 business days
3. Final non-technical documents for submission, excluding SOW1 business day
4. Final SOW/project description/research strategyDeadline day
SOW = Scope/statement of work

Example 15-5-1 Timeline

15 business days5 business days1 business daySponsor Deadline
Friday, 10/7/2022Friday, 10/21/2022Thursday, 10/27/2022Friday, 10/28/2022
*Non-technical documents such as biosketches, collaborator spreadsheets, current and pending support, etc.