The Current and Pending Support document (NSF, NASA, DOE, DOD, USDA) or Other Support document (NIH and other PHS agencies) is a list of current and pending grant support of all key personnel. Sponsors use this section to assess the capacity of the individual to carry out the research as proposed, and to review potential overlap/duplication with the proposed project. Agencies require information on all current and pending support for ongoing projects and proposals.

What must be reported

Investigators must typically report all resources made available in support of and/or related to all of their research efforts, regardless of whether or not they have monetary value.

Current and Pending Support/Other Support also includes in-kind contributions (such as office/ laboratory space, equipment, supplies, employees, students. In-kind contributions not intended for use on the project/proposal being proposed also must be typically reported.

Reporting foreign support

In recent years, federal agencies have increasingly used these documents to assess the role of foreign collaboration and support in U.S.-sponsored research, with a mind to research security.
Learn about Disclosure and Reporting Requirements for International Research Partnerships and Collaborations.

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