Culture of Compliance

All members of the University community involved in research will take personal responsibility for their actions in pursuit of individual and organizational excellence. Each individual will uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in accordance with the Washington University Code of Conduct, sponsoring agency policies and regulations and all other University policies governing research.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Learn about university Roles and Responsibilities.

Compliance Areas

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Conflict of Interest

Disclosure of Financial and Research Conflicts of Interest.

Applicability: All faculty members with an academic appointment of instructor or higher, or any individual having independent responsibility for the design, conduct, or reporting of research.

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Controlled Substances

Approval, acquisition, storage, and disposal of DEA-controlled substances used in laboratory and animal research

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Disclosure Requirements for International Research

University resources around the government’s concerns and best practices

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Effort Reporting

Policies and procedures for reporting effort

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Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Explore training for lab safety protocols involving hazardous and regulated materials, equipment, and environment. Megan Flake is the McKelvey liaison with the staff from the EH&S department of the University.

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Export Control

Information and Technology Sharing Regulations

Applies to transfer of technical information or controlled items to foreign nationals or across U.S. boundaries

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Human Subjects Protection (IRB)

Resources, policies, and guidelines relating to all human subjects research, including, but not limited to, clinical and social/behavioral research

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Information Security & NIST Guidance

University resources and guidance on federal requirements

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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Guidelines and Tools for the appropriate, ethical and safe conduct of research involving vertebrate animals. Log in with WUSTL Key.

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Institutional Biological and Chemical Safety

Oversight of research involving recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids, infectious or potentially infectious agents, and/or hazardous chemicals

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Office of Research Integrity & Ethics (ORIE)

Provides programmatic resources for the Individual and Institutional Conflicts of Interest Programs, Human Stem Cell Research Program, Research Integrity Program and Authorship Standards.

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The PERCSS Core Curriculum features eight web-based learning modules in areas related to ethical and responsible conduct of research. The PERCSS Core Curriculum is available through Learn@Work.

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Radiation Safety

Safe and compliant use of radiation and radioactive materials for research, teaching and medical applications

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Research Compliance Guide

Locate resources and expertise in support of Washington University’s culture of compliance

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Research Integrity & Authorship

The Authorship Policy describes the essential considerations and requirements for responsible authorship of scientific and scholarly publications by the University community.

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Responsible Conduct of Research

Professional and regulatory responsibilities so that researchers can practice scholarship and scientific investigation with integrity

For information about education requirements, see also the RCR Administrator’s Guide

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Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA)

Financial intermediary between sponsors of research and Washington University in St. Louis investigators.

SPA is the primary source for interpretation of relevant rules, regulations and laws governing incurring, reimbursing and reporting costs under sponsored-research agreements.

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Stem Cell Research

Oversight of human embryonic stem cell research and certain uses of human pluripotent stem cells

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Travel on Sponsored Funds

Charging travel costs to external funds

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University Research Policies

List of key procedures and policies governing research at WU