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COVID-19 Funding Opportunities as edited by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Funding Opportunities

SPIN Search Tool

  • SPIN provides intuitive and easily customizable access to the most extensive research funding opportunity database on earth. Tools are provided that are geared towards both individual and administrative users, and SPIN provides both active searching as well as automated, daily opportunity notifications. SPIN can be accessed by logging into using your WUSTL Key and clicking SPIN in the left sidebar.
  • Visit the Identify Funding Webpage to learn about how to tailor a SPIN search for your needs.

Funding News

Funding Opportunity Lists

Internal Selections-Limited Submission

An internal selection is required when an external sponsor limits the number of applications that can be submitted by a single institution.

Junior Faculty Grants & Awards

Internal Seed Funding

Internal funding opportunities at WU.

OVCR Funding Website

Site edited by the WU Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. Includes funding search tips, guides to federal funding, internal funding, internal selections, and more.

Corporate and Foundation Relations

Contacts and information about sponsorship through corporations and private foundations.

Master Research Agreements

Master Research Agreements (MRAs) set forth the terms and conditions for multiple sponsored research projects as part of formalized agreements between the University and companies. The aim of an MRA is to establish a long-term strategic relationship that may include multiple projects involving one or more entities within the University and company. Projects contemplated under an MRA are related in some way(s) that make it reasonable to establish a common set of terms and conditions.

Such agreements can create more opportunities for research and collaboration, as well as increase research dollars and patentable and publishable technologies for the University. MRAs can also result in a strengthening of the strategic relationship between the University and company, leading to benefits beyond the contracted projects. Finally, such relationships, once established, can streamline the contracting process.

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WU Master Agreements Summary Table

Start-up Funds

Start-Up Fund Summary

Graduate Student & Postdoc Funding

Select List opportunities for graduate students and trainees.