Research Administration Launchpad Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

Quick Reference Guides or QRGs were developed to assist the end users when running the most used Spotlight Reports listed on the Research Administration Launchpad in Workday.  The QRGs are specific to each report developed.  Additional QRGs were developed for general Workday knowledge regarding Workday reporting, filtering and drilling down capabilities.

NSF: 2023 PAPPG Update, Biosketch, Current & Pending Support Formats

NSF PAPPG 23-1 as of Jan. 30, 2023

Extensive changes (view summary here) including PI certification of accuracy of biosketch and current and pending support, as well as new templates for these two documents.

NSF Transition to is here! Learn more about the transition from Fastlane and submissions in

SciENcv for NIH & NSF Personnel Documents

SciENcv as a tool for producing NIH and NSF Bios, NSF Current and Pending Support

Foreign Collaboration and Research Security

Information on disclosure and reporting requirements for international research partnerships and collaborations.

WU Researcher Forum

Held annually in January, this two-day forum provides faculty with information regarding a wealth of tools and resources available at WU. Visit the site for more details, registration and access to recordings and slides from previous sessions.

NIH Data Management & Sharing Plan Resources

Effective Jan. 25, 2022 all NIH proposals that will result in research data must include a Data Management & Sharing Plan. Visit the following pages for information about meeting this requirement.