Cross-System Integration

SciENcv has been adopted by federal agencies like NIH and NSF to streamline production of common grant elements like biosketches and Current & Pending documents. Linking your NSF or NIH account with a My NCBI account allows SciENcv to pull information from existing profiles and populate your NSF/NIH biosketch or  NSF Current & Pending document.
Templates may be saved to produce future documents and update with new information.


Electronic CV

A database and electronic tool for biosketch and current & pending grant support.

Integrate data from other databases

Create a My NCBI Account. You may log in with eRA Commons, Google, or NSF credentials or with PubMed. Linking these accounts allows you to pull profiles, publications or products from those databases into your  biosketch and/or Current & Pending document.

        Other Features

        Save multiple templates

        SciENcv creates a master profile from which you can create an untold number of NIH or NSF biosketch templates specific to any proposal type that you need to produce.


        As a My NCBI account holder, you can invite other individuals to act as your delegate and grant them the ability to view and edit your My Bibliography collection (including Other Citations), as well as the ability to view, edit, and create profiles in your SciENcv.

        Make your Research more “Searchable”: Link to your ORCiD

        Linking to your ORCiD makes it easier for others to search and connect your research products to you as an individual researcher.

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