Agency DMP Guidances

Create a Data Management Plan – OVCR guide

Guide by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research about Data Management Plans and resources.

University Libraries Data Management Resources

Explore services, guidelines, and tools available to the University community for managing research data, including a list of funding agencies and their data guidelines. Visit the Managing your data page.

Data management best practices

Data Managment Tool

The California Digital Library has created a Data Management Tool (DMP) to help users create plans tailored to specific agency and directorate requirements. Read this Quick Start Guide to learn more about creating a plan with the Data Management Plan tool.

Research Infrastructure Service (RIS) Research Storage

RIS Research Storage offers a scalable, high performance and distributed storage infrastructure with integrated long-term archive. Enhancing the rate of discovery, there are many enterprise level features to facilitate data analysis, management, curation and retention. All faculty involved in research have access to 5TB of free storage.
See RIS’ Resources page for language that can be used in grant proposals.

Washington University Research Network (WURN)

WURN is a high speed campus Research Network with increased accessibility which enables the transport, analysis and dissemination of big data within and beyond the university area.

Research Data Management @Harvard

Research Data Management @Harvard is a reference guide with information and resources to help you manage your data, including topics such as Planning Data Management; Data Acquisition and Use Agreements; Storage, Computation, Analysis; and Data Sharing and Preservation.

Data Use Agreement Intake Form

Visit this page to download the DUA for transfer of a limited data set (DOC)

More Resources

McKelvey faculty can find additional resources on the PI Pre-Award ToolBox.