Gaya K. Amarasinghe, PhD

Signaling through interferons: Mechanisms and implications for viral pathogenesis and cancer biology

Beau Ances, MD, PhD

Alzheimer’s disease, HIV, Down Syndrome, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, Autoimmune encephalitis

Rebecca Bart, PhD

When plant disease occurs, it can be devastating to farmers and consumers. Pesticides are often employed in an attempt to limit spread, further adding to the total cost of disease.

Stephen M. Beverley, PhD

The Beverley Laboratory focuses on the molecular genetics of protozoan parasites, including some of the most deadly pathogens known.

Tarin Bigley, MD, PhD

Viral Immunology, Herpesvirology, Autoimmunity, Immunologic Tolerance

Jacco Boon, PhD

Pathogenesis of Influenza A viruses

Philip Budge, MD

This laboratory is devoted to research on filarial nematode parasites that cause important diseases in animals and humans (lymphatic filariasis and onchocerciasis), mainly in the tropics.

Douglas L. Chalker, PhD

Chromatin structure, development, DNA, genome rearrangements, RNA interference, transcription

Matthew A. Ciorba, MD

Tryptophan metabolism, intestinal inflammation, colitis associated cancer, colon cancer, mucositis, tryptophan, crohn, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, radiation enteritis

David Curiel, MD, PhD

development of virus-based therapeutics for inherited and acquired disorders

Gautam Dantas, PhD

The Dantas Lab works at the interface of microbial genomics, ecology, synthetic biology, and systems biology, to understand, harness, and engineer the biochemical processing potential of microbial communities.

Mary C. Dinauer, MD, PhD

Innate immunity, immunodeficiency, inflammation, hematology

Siyuan Ding, PhD

enteric virus infection, innate immune response, intestinal inflammatory signaling

Tamara L. Doering, MD, PhD

Gene regulation, host-pathogen interactions, biochemistry, microbial pathogenesis, pathogenic fungi, yeast, glycobiology, biosynthetic pathways, blood-brain barrier, host response

Pirooz Eghtesady, MD, PhD

Analysis of maternal virome and antiviral antibodies to determine the role of viral exposure in the causation of congenital heart disease.

Thomas A. Ferguson, PhD

Angiogenesis, apoptosis, autophagy, immunology, lymphocyte, tolerance, photoreceptors, vision

James Fleckenstein, MD

Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli; microbial pathogenesis; vaccine development; diarrheal disease

Daved H. Fremont, PhD

Immunology, virology, structural biology, viral immune evasion, cytokine receptors, signaling, protein trafficking

Eric A. Galburt, PhD

Biophysical studies of transcription initiation in Eukaryotes and Mycobacterial tuberculosis

Daniel E. Goldberg, MD, PhD

Biochemistry, metabolism, parasitology, malaria, protease, heme

Jeffrey Haspel, MD, PhD

Understand the impact of time as a biological variable in the development of critical illness such as sepsis, respiratory failure and chronic inflammatory lung disease

Jeffrey P. Henderson, MD, PhD

Bacterial pathogenesis, host-pathogen interactions, iron, mass spectrometry, medicinal chemistry, metabolomics

Michael J. Holtzman, MD

Innate immunity, macrophages, innate lymphocytes, dendritic cells, epithelial cells, interferon signal transduction, paramyxoviruses, picornaviruses, asthma, drug discovery

Scott Hultgren, PhD

Urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Andrew Janowski, MD

Characterization of human diseases associated with novel viral infections

Shabaana A. Khader, PhD

Tuberculosis, lung, cytokines, host pathogen interactions, immune cells, macrophages, vaccines

Eynav Klechevsky, PhD

Human Immunology, Dendritic Cells, Tumor Immunology, immune dysfunctions, Vaccines

Robert G. Kranz, PhD

Bacteria, gene expression, protein structure, plant biosensors, cytochromes

Hrishikesh S. Kulkarni, MD, MSCI

Modulating the complement system to mitigate pneumonia and acute lung injury

Barbara N. Kunkel, PhD

Plant-pathogen interactions, bacterial pathogenesis, virulence mechanisms, auxin, genetics, regulation of gene expression

Jennie Kwon, D.O., MSCI

clinical and translational research focused on the microbial ecology of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRO), and their relationship to the fecal microbiome and the microbiome of the built environment

George B. Kyei, MD, MS, PhD

Developing countries, global health, HIV & AIDS, infectious disease

Brian Laidlaw, PhD

Development and function of memory B cells in disease states

Daisy W. Leung, PhD

Defining molecular mechanisms at the host-pathogen interface

Petra Anne Levin, PhD

Cell cycle, cytoskeleton, cell size, bacteriology

Amanda L. Lewis, PhD

Bacterial pathogenesis, reproductive and perinatal infection

Muhammad Faraz Masood, MD

Endocarditis, heart failure, surgery, medicine, clinical

Tae Seok Moon, PhD

Synthetic Biology; Systems Biology; Metabolic Engineering; Protein Engineering; Genetic Circuits

S. Celeste Morley, MD, PhD

Cell biology of the immune system — understanding how cytoskeletal control of cell motility and adhesion impacts host immunity to infection

Indira U. Mysorekar, PhD

Autophagy, host-pathogen interactions, infection, tissue regeneration, placenta, ZIKA virus, preterm birth, estrogen

Audrey R. Odom John, MD, PhD

Malaria, metabolism, microbiology, parasitology, drug development, diagnostics

Jennifer A. Philips, MD, PhD

Tuberculosis, host-pathogen interactions, innate immunity, autophagy, phagosome maturation, antigen presentation, macrophage, ESCRT

Lee Ratner, MD, PhD

Lymphocytes, virology, AIDS, leukemia, HIV, HTLV, NF kB

John H. Russell, PhD

CNS (brain and spinal cord) inflammation and pathogenesis, multiple sclerosis, lymphocytes

Drew Schwartz, MD, PhD

Pediatric bacterial infection, gut microbiome, sepsis

Liang Shan, PhD

novel mouse models that contain multiple human gene knock-ins to improve multilineage differentiation of human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and development of functional human immune cells in the mouse system

Haina Shin, PhD

Examining immune responses against viruses that establish persistent infections in their hosts

David Sibley, PhD

Cell-signaling, kinases, transcription, chromatin, pathogenesis, genetics, genomics, chemical biology, innate immunity

Christina L. Stallings, PhD

Bacteria, gene regulation, molecular genetics, microbiology, pathogenesis, transcription, infectious disease

Joan E. Strassmann, PhD

Social evolution, behavior, and genomics of microbes, symbiosis, microbiomes, happy and diverse lab welcoming undergraduates