Senior Staff Research Scientist

Shrihari Sankarasubramanian

February 2017 – November 2018: Postdoctoral Research Associate
November 2018 – March 2020: Research Scientist
March 2020 – August 2021: Senior Staff Research Scientist

Shri is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

Postdoctoral Scientists

Pralay Gayen

August 2018 – October 2021
Pralay is currently employed at Intel.

Javier Parrondo

Summer 2007, January 2011 – March 2018
Javier is currently a Research Scientist at Nissan Technical Center.

Chih-Ping Lo

Nov. 2010 – August 2012
Chih-Ping is presently a research scientist at Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagonstic Laboratory.

Doctoral Students

Yunzhu Zhang

Ph.D. awarded Fall 2021
Dissertation title: “Anion exchange membranes in electrochemical energy systems”

Yunzhu is a fuel cell materials test engineer at General Motors.

Cheng He

Ph.D.  awarded Fall 2019
Dissertation title: “Corrosion-resistant Electrocatalyst Supports for PEFCs”
Cheng is a postdoctoral fellow at NREL.

Zhongyang Wang

Ph.D. awarded Fall 2019
Dissertation title: “Anion Exchange Membranes for Alkaline Fuel Cells, Alkaline Electrolyzers and Redox Flow Batteries”
Zhongyang is a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Paul Nealey, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago.

Lihui Wang

Ph.D. awarded Spring 2017
Dissertation title : “Anion Exchange Membranes for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage”
Lihui is a scientist with Twelve – a start-up focused on electrochemical technologies.

Guanxiong Wang

Ph.D. awarded Fall 2016
Dissertation title: “Corrosion-resistant Electrocatalysts and Supports for Electrochemical Energy Conversion”
Postdoctoral research fellow at NREL.

Min-Suk Jung

Ph.D. awarded Spring 2016
Dissertation title: “Investigation of Performance and Durability of Polymer Electrolytes for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Technologies”
Min-Suk is a research scientist with Lotte Chemicals in South Korea.

Sukhwan Yun

Ph.D. awarded in Fall 2014
Dissertation title: “Composite Membranes for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells and Redox Flow Batteries”
Sukhwan is a research engineer with Hyundai Motors in South Korea.

Amod Kumar

Ph.D. awarded in Summer 2014
Dissertation title: “Multifunctional Electrocatalyst Supports and Electrocatalysts for Electrochemical Energy Conversion”
Amod is a research scientist with General Motors.

Vekateshkumar Prabhakaran

Ph.D. awarded in Spring 2014
Winner of the 2016 PNNL/EMSL M. T. Thomas Award for Outstanding Postdoctoral Achievement.
Dissertation title: “In-Situ Diagnostics for Degradation Monitoring in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells”
Venky is a senior staff scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Physical Sciences Division and an adjunct professor at  Washington State Univ.

Christopher Arges 

Ph.D. awarded in Fall 2013
Winner of the ECS IE&EE Division Student Achievement Award, 2012. Dissertation title: “Structure-Property Relationships in Anion Exchange Membranes for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage”. Chris is an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University.

Satheesh Sambandam 

Ph.D. awarded in May 2010
Winner of the ECS IE&EE Division Student Achievement Award, 2010
Dissertation title: “Kinetic and transport phenomena in polymer electrolyte fuel cells”.
Satheesh is presently placed with Nalco/Ecolab, Sugarland TX.

Panagiotis Trogadas 

Ph.D. awarded in December 2009
Dissertation title: “PEM degradation and degradation mitigation in polymer electrolyte fuel cells”.
Panos is a presently a Research Professor at University College, London, with Prof. M-O Coppens.

Master’s Students

Yunzhu Zhang

M.S., awarded in Spring 2016
Thesis title: “In-situ Fluorescence Spectroscopy as a Tool to Detect Reactive Oxygen Species in Alkaline Polymer Electrolytes”
Yunzhu is a fuel cell materials test engineer at General Motors.

Mo Li

M.S., awarded in Spring 2016
Thesis title: “In-situ Fluorescence Spectroscopy as a Tool to Detect Oxygen Ingress in Li-ion Cell Electrolytes”
Mo is pursuing a teaching internship in China.

Anchal Jain

M.S., awarded in Spring 2016
Thesis title: “Pyrochlore and Perovskite Materials for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction”
Anchal is currently placed with Peacock Foods., Chicago.

Chih-Ping Lo

M.S., awarded in June. 2010
Thesis title: “Studies on Electrocatalyst and Support Degradation.”
Chih-Ping is presently a research scientist at Texas A&M University.

Seung-Whan Lee

M.S. awarded in August 2008
Thesis title: “Ex-situ Techniques to Quantify PEM Degradation.”
Seung received his Ph.D. from CWRU in Chem. Eng. with Prof. Mohan Sankaran and is currently at the National Fusion Research Institute in South Korea.

Undergraduate Students


Xinquan Liu (2019) is currently a Ph.D. student studying Chemical Engineering at MIT.


  • Grayson Uhrig (2018)


MacLean Harned (2017) MacLean is currently a Metrology Engineer at Facebook in Seattle, Washington.




Drew Ells (2017-2018) Drew is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University studying Chemical Engineering.



  • Ken Kuchnir (Spring 2017) Ken is currently a Manufacturing Associate at Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. in Bedford, Massachusetts.
  • Yanxin Li (Fall 2013, AY 14-15, AY 15-16) Yanxin is currently a Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Celena Lorenzo Navarro (Spring and Summer 2015 – International visitor from Spain)
  • David Illavsky (Spring 2015) David is currently an Electrical Engineer at Bridgestone Americas in Muscatine, Iowa.

  • Amanda Rapacz (Spring, Fall 2012) Amanda is currently a Process Asset Engineer (Oxidation Unit) at INEOS in Channahon, Illinois. 
  • Jessica Jaskolka (Summer 2012) Jessica is currently a corrosion engineer at EN Engineering in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Elisabeth Sonta (Visiting, Summer 2011, 2012)
  • Liam O’Rourke (May 2011 – Dec. 2011) Liam is currently a Project Manager at Kinder Morgan, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
  • Graham Johnson (2010) Graham is currently a Project Manager at Midwestern Contractors in Elburn, Illinois.
  • Quentin Lancereau (Visiting, 2009) Quentin currently holds the position of Research Engineer at CEA in France.

  • Stephane Hallou (Visiting, 2009) Stephane is currently the Head of Business Planning and Margin Optimization at TEREOS in France.

  • Cristian Rodriguez (Visiting, 2009)

  • Genevieve Syverson (2008) Genevieve is currently a Bay Area Security Professional in Livermore, California.
  • Hamdi Cavusoglu (Visiting; 2008)
  • Taeho Hwang (2007-2008) Taeho graduated with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara and is now a Senior Process R&D Engineer at Evonik.
  • Henry Michael (2007) Henry is currently a Plant Manager at Messer Americas in Bridgewater, New Jersey.
  • Anthony Farrese (2006) Anthony graduated with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkley and is now holds a managerial role at Tesla in Berkley, California.

  • Brian Hogan (2006)

  • Win Htut (2006)

  • Katya Barragan-Perez (2006)

High School Students

  • Aditi Seetharaman (Summer 2017, Summer 2018) Aditi is currently an undergraduate student at California Institute of Technology.
  • Komal Khoja (Fall 2014/Spring 2015)
  • Hariharan Ravi (Summer 2012)
  • Athrey Nathan (Summer 2011, Summer 2012)
  • Shashank Subramanian (Summer 2011)