Our lab expands over 1500 square feet of laboratory space and is equipped with six fume-hoods for wet chemistry, ample bench space, one argon glovebox, and a well-integrated gas delivery infrastructure.

The major equipment pertinent to the research available in the laboratory includes but is not limited to: an Argon-atmosphere glovebox, Shimadzu gas chromatograph, supercritical dryer, Solartron multi-channel potentiostat with frequency response analyzer, differential mechanical analyzer (DMA), screen printer for MEA/porous electrode manufacture, horn sonicator, muffle furnace, BET analyzer, centrifuge, two Pine rotating ring-disk electrodes (RRDE), diffusion cell system, thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA), casting oven, two dedicated redox flow battery test stations, and three fuel cell testing stations.

Key Instruments

Washington University in St. Louis provides access to a number of additional facilities and equipment, which can be found at the following links. Facilities available include SEM, TEM/STEM, AFM, XPS, Raman, FTIR, GC, MS, ICP-MS, ICP-AES, XRD, BET etc. 

Institute for Materials Science and Engineering

Nano Research and Environmental Facility