Research carried out in our lab is question-driven and project-oriented, and a nearly limitless array of techniques is available to tackle ideas directly in our lab, in the lab of our collaborators, or in Washington University’s state-of-the-art facilities.

We also believe that attaining excellence in research entails seeking excellence in the training and teaching of graduate students and lab members, and this is a core value of our lab.  

There are a series of implications of this overall philosophy that will be explicitly detailed to people who join our lab (also see Our Philosophy). Most importantly, we have high research standards and expectations from our students, but also recognize that it takes time to reach scientific maturity, master proper scientific reasoning and techniques, and build an intelligent understanding of the challenges of the field. For these reasons, we choose to inculcate the fundamental principles of good science practice in our lab and to maintain an intellectually rich environment that favors scientific discussions and development. We are committed to preparing each lab members for their career in science and many forms of training are provided to achieve that goal, such that we’d like to think that our lab is destined for students and postdocs who ambition to become top-tier scientists.

While being committed to students training and conducting research to the appropriate standards takes time and efforts, we believe this makes for a better science and contributes to high level scientific endeavors by forming the next generation of researchers with the uppermost rigor and thoughtfulness.