Our lab is project- and question-driven rather than technique-focused. We use a large array of approaches and technology to tackle the questions at hand – some of which we have strong expertise in and some of which we constantly learn.

Slice electrophysiology

Whole-cell patch-clamp (V-clamp, I-clamp, Astro-patch) & extracellular recordings of synaptic activity

Molecular genetics

Includes transgenic and cell-specific inducible KO mouse lines, viral vectors, virus-assisted cell-specific CRISPR-Cas9 and more

In vivo micro-dialysis & infusion techniques

Includes reversed dialysis and osmotic mini-pumps

Molecular biology

Immuno-histochemistry, PCR, RT-PCR, TRAP (coming soon)

Measure and manipulation of astrocyte Ca2+

(GCaMP6f-based recording, AQUA-assisted analysis , and virus-assisted manipulation of astrocyte calcium excitability)


In vitro optogenetics (cool-LED) coupled to electrophysiology & in vivo optogenetics (coming soon)

Image from Smart animal behavior software of a mouse in the center of a Barnes Maze

Behavioral testing

of spatial navigation and learning & memory, working memory, semantic memory, anxiety, social behavior, and more, coupled to in vivo pharmacology and DREADDS

Analytical chemistry

LC-MS for pharmacokinetic studies (collaboration with Paraza LLC) & HPLC

Electron Microscopy

Transmission EM and CLEM (collaboration with the WUCCI)

A multitude of other techniques are available

WashU is home to a number of centers and partnerships. As far as techniques, “the sky is the limit”.

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