Life in our lab is governed by core principles:
  1. Expectations are clearly stated
  2. Efficient and direct mentoring is in place
  3. Our work environment is stimulating

This framework helps us cultivate an environment that fosters a positive and engaging experience for everyone on the team, and values mentorship and personal development in hope that each member will reach their full potential.

We wish to work with people who share our work ethic and understand both its importance and its rationale. 

A safe and inclusive workplace for all:

The Papouin Lab welcomes you no matter your skin color, country of origin, cultural background, last name, age, gender and sexual orientations. What matters to us is what’s in your head. Literally and figuratively!

We’ll only judge you by your ideas, your work and your work ethics. Whether you want to visit, apply, work in, collaborate with or otherwise be part of the Papouin lab: simply reach out!