With the help of the Feeler S. Architects firm and the support of WashU Department of Neuroscience and the School of Medicine, we have designed and created a stimulating, pleasant and functional lab space in hope of making everyone’s work day comfortable. Enjoying a loft style and corner-office situation, it is filled with natural light and includes a dedicated (closed off) student room featuring mood-adjustable ambiance lighting, sit-stand desks, individual white boards, online content sharing, coffee/tea break area, writable glass doors and more. Our lab consists of a central molecular biology and analytical chemistry bench, surgery stations with a built-in anesthesia gasses scavenging system, an electrophysiology/imaging area including a separate dissection space, sink, workshop area, built-in gas, vacuum and compressed air lines, and our dedicated mouse housing space with full environment control and multiple independent light/dark cycles that includes two behavioral testing rooms. This new lab space opened February 2019! Here is a sneak peek:

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