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As scientists, we bear a moral responsibility to seek truth and act upon it for the betterment of society by inspiring and educating others.

In today’s world, this obligation takes on even greater significance as we confront the existential threat of climate change and environmental collapse. In fact, the credibility of the scientific message on the climate crisis hinges on scientists’ own ability to advocate for change but also to embrace the behavioral shifts and action plans outlined in the successive rounds of IPCC assessments. This should be done collectively, and at the scale of our individual lives.

In this spirit, we, members of the Papouin lab, pledge to lead by example and bring the urgency of climate change to the forefront of the academic stage. In doing so, we hope to demonstrate to our colleagues that being proactive with regard to the climate crisis is clearly advantageous. It brings cost savings, personal satisfaction, empowerment, and improved health.

To uphold this commitment, we will openly share our lab’s environmental pledge as well as personal pledges from lab members. Additionally, we will provide valuable facts and resources accessible to all, to empower everyone to align their environmental footprint with the goals of the IPCC and, together, reverse the planetary crisis that we started.