Our expectations for all lab members are simply and clearly put in these 4 points :

1- The lab is a work place
  • We’d like to think that our lab is a place where we are actively working and excited to get things done
  • To facilitate brainstorming and expression of honest opinions, we like to keep in mind that our labmates are colleagues before they are friends.
  • We need everyone to have a healthy work/life balance. This is key to stay excited about our work and goals. We all need outlets! What’s yours?
2- Productivity is a key to success

Academia is a highly competitive field, thus a main priority is productivity (albeit not at the expense of #3 & #4). We work together to elaborate realistic and motivating milestones for everyone and for each project.

3- There is no point in science unless it is good science

We believe that adhering to the principles of epistemology and to the logic of the scientific method increases the quality of scientific work. We make sure that our research follows these scientific standards by proudly training our students, and maintaining a critic and open lab mindset.

4- Science and work-space are shared
  • We care about what everyone has to say and share our thoughts
  • We enforce a complete traceability of data and keep our files clear and organised so they can easily be shared and discussed
  • We take good care of our lab space and equipment we use daily, as we share it with the rest of the team
  • Rules of appropriate behavior in our work environment and towards our coworkers apply. We have a zero tolerance for scientific misconduct, or any form of harassment or discrimination