Gaya Amarasinghe, PhD – biochemical and biophysical methods to identify and characterize components from hosts and pathogens in order to develop an atomic resolution framework.

Beau Ances, MD, PhD – characterization of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders and Alzheimer’s Disease using functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Megan Baldridge, MD, PhD – interactions of enteric viruses norovirus, rotavirus and astrovirus with the microbiota and the innate immune system.

Stephen Beverley, PhD – molecular genetics and viruses of protozoan parasites including Leishmania.

Jacco Boon, PhD – molecular virology, pathogenesis and antiviral countermeasures against emerging RNA viruses.

Matthew Ciorba, MD – microbial interactions relevant to intestinal inflammation and cancer including probiotics and mechanisms of intestinal SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Marco Colonna, MD – innate immune responses in infections, autoimmunity and tumors.

David Curiel, MD, PhD – gene therapy via engineering adenovirus tropism to achieve effective gene delivery.

Michael Diamond, MD, PhD – interface between viral pathogenesis and the host immune response in human pathogens such as Flaviviruses, Alphaviruses, and Coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

Siyuan Ding, PhD – interactions of rotavirus (RV), an important enteric viral pathogen, and SARS-CoV-2 with the host innate immune system in the small intestine.

Ali Ellebedy, PhD – cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating memory B cell heterogeneity and fate in the context of influenza and SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.

Daved Fremont, PhD – mechanisms of host immunity and viral evasion.

Anthony French, MD, PhD – in vivo NK cell responses during viral infections.

Jeffrey Haspel, MD, PhD – impact of time as a biological variable in the development of critical illness such as sepsis, respiratory failure and chronic inflammatory lung disease.

Michael Holtzman, MD – pathogenesis and new therapeutics for viral infection and post-viral disease.

Henry Huang, PhD – molecular biology of Sindbis virus; antiviral drug design; monocyte differentiation.

Andrew Janowski, MD – characterization of human diseases associated with novel viral infections.

Sebla Kutluay, PhD – molecular biology of HIV-1-host interactions.

George Kyei, MB, ChB, PhD – HIV latency and reservoir maintenance.

Brian Laidlaw, PhD – investigating the development of immunological memory in disease states.

Deborah Lenschow, MD, PhD – antiviral mechanisms of type I interferons and the role of interferons and viruses in autoimmune diseases.

Michele LeRoux, PhD – the molecular arms race between bacteria and phage.

Daisy Leung, PhD – defining molecular mechanisms at the host-pathogen interface.

Carolina López, PhD – how viruses interact with the body and how defective viruses influence the development of diseases in humans.

Todd Margolis, MD, PhD – cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate the establishment and maintenance of latent neuronal infection with herpes simplex virus (HSV).

Anthony Orvedahl, MD, PhD – understanding factors that regulate host immune responses to infectious and sterile triggers of severe inflammation.

Jacqueline Payton, MD, PhD – regulation of the host immune response in bacterial and viral infections and the impact on blood cancers.

Lee Ratner, MD, PhD – molecular biology and pathogenesis of HIV and HTLV.

Liang Shan, PhD – HIV infection and host immune response in humanized mouse models.

Chen Shen, PhD – Structural mechanisms of inflammasome signaling in detecting microbial pathogens.

Ashley Steed, MD, PhD – genetic and environmental factors that underlie the mechanistic basis for the heterogeneity in outcomes in response to infection.

Eva-Maria Strauch, PhD – diagnose, prevent and treat viral infections with the aim of generating new antivirals and candidates for vaccination through protein design.

Michael Vahey, PhD – biophysical mechanisms of infectious disease.

David Wang, PhD – discovery and characterization of novel viruses.

Sean Whelan, PhD – biology of negative-strand (NS) RNA viruses, divided between two major areas of focus: viral gene expression and viral-host cell interactions.

Kristine Wylie, PhD – host-microbe dynamics during pregnancy.

Wayne Yokoyama, MD – host innate immune responses to tumors and pathogens.