Beau Ances, MD, PhD – characterization of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders and Alzheimer’s Disease using functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Megan Baldridge, MD, PhD – commensal bacterial and viral interactions with the innate and adaptive immune system.

Arpita Bose, PhD – microbial metabolisms and their influence on biogeochemical cycling using an interdisciplinary approach.

Yin Cao, ScD, MPH – microbial and genetic risk factors for lung and gastrointestinal cancers leveraging large-scale clinical and population-based cohorts.

Matthew Ciorba, MD – microbial interactions relevant to intestinal inflammation and cancer including probiotics and mechanisms of intestinal SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Gautam Dantas, PhD – dynamics, ecology, and evolution of antibiotic resistance, engineering enhanced probiotics to treat gastrointestinal disorders, and engineering microbial biofuel catalysts.

Nicole Gilbert, PhD – microbial antagonism and synergy and host responses in the female reproductive and urinary tracts.

Jeffrey Gordon, MD – role of the human gut microbiome in health and disease, notably childhood undernutrition and obesity.

Scott Handley, PhD – viral and bacterial community dynamics in health and disease.

Scott Hultgren, PhD – host-pathogen interactions, gut-bladder axis, epigenetics, structural pathogenesis, translation to new therapeutics.

Andrew Kau, MD, PhD – understanding the immune-modifying capacity of gastrointestinal and airway microbes through the lens of allergy.

Jennie Kwon, DO, MSCI – microbial ecology of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRO), and their relationship to the fecal microbiome and the microbiome of the built environment.

Fangqiong Ling, PhD – bacterial colonization and transmission at the boundary of built and natural environments; microbiomes as environmental sensors and public health sentinels.

Ta-Chiang Liu, MD, PhD – understanding how host genetics and environmental factors interact to shape gut metabolism leading to inflammation.

Elizabeth Mallott, PhD – how the environment shapes host-associated microbial communities both within and across species.

William McCoy, MD, PhD – how host-microbe interactions at epithelial barrier sites impact skin diseases.

Makedonka Mitreva, PhD – next-generation experimental, multi-omic and computational approaches to empower the study of infectious diseases and the human microbiome.

Gwendalyn Randolph, PhD – inter-organ communication and the transit of cells and molecules out of tissues in healthy and disease states.

Drew Schwartz, MD, PhD – pediatric gut microbiome and immune disruption in serious bacterial infections.

Joan Strassmann, PhD – bacteria associates of soil amoebae.

Yinjie Tang, PhD – metabolism analysis and metabolic engineering of environmental microorganisms for biofuel/chemical production.

Phillip Tarr, MD – pathogenic interactions between microbes and the gut.

Aayushi Uberoi, PhD – understanding the interplay between microbiome, host, and environment in regulating skin barrier homeostasis and pathogenesis.

Timothy Wencewicz, PhD – antibiotic drug discovery.

Meng Wu, PhD – tripartite interactions among the microbiota, stromal cells and the immune system.

Kristine Wylie, PhD – host-microbe dynamics during pregnancy.

Fuzhong Zhang, PhD – synthetic biology for advanced biofuels, biomaterials, and chemicals.