Benefits of Coaching and What McKelvey Staff are Saying About It

Coaching is a meaningful, confidential, accountable relationship created by having routine one-on-one conversations about the coachee’s full experience and the power of possibility – Sophie Oberstein I am a coach who directs others towards their own strengths and truth so that they can achieve great things and experience their own power in the workplace and […]

What’s the Learning Buzz All About?

A lot of learning activities have been happening around McKelvey Engineering. Below are some of the main highlights since October 2019.   DiSC Workshops/Retreats Eat, Learn, Grow Sessions Team Building   Want to schedule a special activity for your team? Contact Ariana @ 

Creating Common Language

Each staff member is a unique, colorful person with nuances and quirks that make them a significant addition to the school. Daily chaos, busy work, and success can allow us to forget that while we have plenty of differences, there are also many commonalities we share. Through DiSC we are able to see the common […]

Team Building at Kitchen Conservatory

According to Harvard Business Review, shared experience can bolster the trust needed for teams to realize success. By working together and focusing on the skills and knowledge each person brings to the experience, strong teams are forged. In December 2019 BME ventured outside the McKelvey Engineering space and decided to spend several hours coming together […]

What is Everything DiSC Workplace?

It’s great to be self-aware, but to operate more effectively, we need to be more in tune with other’s tendencies, priorities, and preferences. DiSC Workplace helps us with just that. Below are some of the key insights on how team-building through DiSC can assist us in being the best we can be at work. Gain […]