Creating Common Language

Each staff member is a unique, colorful person with nuances and quirks that make them a significant addition to the school. Daily chaos, busy work, and success can allow us to forget that while we have plenty of differences, there are also many commonalities we share. Through DiSC we are able to see the common and different priorities we have in the workplace, but instead of criticizing them, we can create positive and effective language around them. We get to create ownership over them.

ESE, EECE, MEMS and IT – all of these groups realized this potential and stepped up to the plate. Each group brought their unique dynamics, open and transparent conversations and laughter with them. Every time they saw themselves in the “story of the dot” they experienced a feeling of enlightenment as to who they are. With it all came a feeling of acceptance and relief that it is ok to be fast-paced, outspoken, warm and accepting or questioning and skeptical with a hint of steadiness. They are all shades of individuals that color McKelvey Engineering to be a vibrant organism of excellence, creation, and community. We are better together.