The Art & Science of Owning and Engineering your Development

We are the authors of our own stories.

Do you know what your development story is? What are you capable of and how are you going to accomplish those goals? Do you have enough clarity to become the person you want to be?

Sometimes we need to re-write or edit our story and let go of the old, in order to welcome the new.

Development is ownership of creating experiences and allowing opportunities into our lives.

McKelvey Engineering’s Learning & Development Specialist can assist you in self-authoring your future career. This process will allow you to take control of your development.

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) bring clarity and strategy to your vision and with the assistance of a coach you will be able to hone into strengths as well as weaknesses.

According to Keagan’s Theory of Adult Development: “In order to reach Self-Authorship, we need to practice operating from the place of “what do I want” versus “what do other people want from me”.

If you are interested in exploring deeper in a 1-1 session with Ariana, submit a request here.

Benefits of Coaching and What McKelvey Staff are Saying About It

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What’s the Learning Buzz All About?

A lot of learning activities have been happening around McKelvey Engineering. Below are some of the main highlights since October 2019.   DiSC Workshops/Retreats Eat, Learn, Grow Sessions Team Building   Want to schedule a special activity for your team? Contact Ariana @