EUSS Creating Common Language and Team Cohesiveness through DiSC

On July 16th EUSS gathered to spend the morning at the Knight Center. 

The retreat was an attempt to bring the group closer through becoming aware of who they are individually as well as finding out what makes others on their team tick.

DiSC Wiley is a tool that can assist with team building, employee communication, conflict management, motivation, productivity, and career development. It is an assessment that allows us to understand who we are on our deeper subconscious level in order to approach situations with co-workers in a more strategic way. 

The moderator of the Everything DiSC video starts off with the statement “What if people had their needs written all over them?”; that is precisely what the assessment helps you achieve. People reading is just one of the tactics learned in the workshop to help people better understand and relate to their co-workers. 

If you are interested in conducting a DiSC session for your team, contact Ariana Jasarevic.

Influencers aren’t only found on Instagram

On a Wednesday afternoon, six staff members from Graduate Student Services came together with a box of Hot Box Cookies, DiSC twister map, and their dot location to discuss how they can become an even more extraordinary team and better serve their students and customers. 

Even already cohesive teams can find room for improvement. Creating safe spaces to discuss conflict through laughter and connections can elevate a team’s performance to a level they didn’t even know was possible. 

Participating in the DiSC workshops with my team was informative and fun!  It was enlightening to learn each other’s styles and how we can use that knowledge of each other to work together better to move our department goals forward. – Cathy Freesmeier

This particular team had an interesting divide between the more conscientious C’s and influencers or I’s. Throughout the session, it was clear that the team gelled very well but even during jokes, some more serious things were brought up, such as perfectionism and being overly enthusiastic, a very common characteristic of C and I heavy cultures. 

Human behavior is complex, but through DiSC we are able to identify preferences and tendencies and even blind spots that might be holding us back from becoming the best versions of ourselves; not only individually but also as a collective group.