Benefits of Coaching and What McKelvey Staff are Saying About It

Coaching is a meaningful, confidential, accountable relationship created by having routine one-on-one conversations about the coachee’s full experience and the power of possibility –

Sophie Oberstein

I am a coach who directs others towards their own strengths and truth so that they can achieve great things and experience their own power in the workplace and life.

During this time of uncertainty, it can feel empowering to set goals and take control of our experience as much as we can. Coaching people to show up for their lives even during quarantine has been my mission.

Here is a little bit more information about what coaching truly means.

What coaching is not:

  • Advise
  • Therapy

Unlike during therapy sessions where you are focused on the past and why certain situations made you the way you are, we mainly focus on present and future during coaching sessions. Coaches ask powerful questions and guide staff to use their own knowledge to come to their own answers.

Most of the time people reach out to me because of one of the following:

  • Set better goals and create a development plan
  • Reach the goals they have set for themselves faster
  • Make significant changes
  • Design and live their best lives
  • Get ahead in their careers
  • Make better decisions
  • Improve relationships
  • Become a better manager

Here are a few testimonials from McKelvey staff who have experienced coaching with me. They made a decision to invest time in themselves and their career and so can you – Give yourself permission to grow!

“Working with Ariana has provided me with countless tools to use in my professional and personal life. She is a tremendous listener and provides feedback that is very specific to you and your goals and not just general coaching. Ariana’s instruction gives real-world, tangible action items that help you grow in a holistic way. I am very grateful I have been able to work with her.” –           

       Chris Ramsay, Director-Ugrad Admissn/Acad Success&Asst Dean, EUSS


“Participating in Professional Development with Ariana has been life changing to say the least! Going from having my motivation to achieve my goals shattered to starting to pick up the pieces and see some light at the end of the tunnel, I attribute to my professional development sessions! Can’t wait to see who I’ll be after this!”                                   – LaRon Bledsoe, Systems Engineer I, EIT

“I knew that I wanted to improve my career path. But Ariana’s coaching does more than help me think about better jobs—she empowers me with tools to take control of my own career and be the kind of worker I want to be.”

– Patience Graybill, Manager, Research Development & Administration, Engineering – Applied Science

Working with Ariana helped me to understand and better cultivate teamwork among our group and assess our strengths and areas for growth. She also has helped me personally as a manger to feel more confident and be more proactive.– Brook Haley,Director of Communications and Senior Designer, Engr PR & Communications

“Working with Ariana has been amazing! The tools that she provides has helped me succeed in my professional development. I am forever grateful for her guidance, and recommend her to anyone who would like to work on their development.”  – Francesca Allhoff, Academic Program Coordinator, ESE

If any of the above speak to you and you are intrigued by coaching, complete this Coaching Readiness Survey. I will reach out to you, as soon as I get your results!