The CCSN program fosters student development beyond their departmental training to broaden and improve the science accomplished during doctoral research. To further this central mission, the CCSN Pathway will support all CCSN students who request a one-time travel allowance up to $500 to attend or present at conferences or for other travel that supports their research career. Eligible students must have completed Project Building and have up-to-date information in the CCSN database including publications, progress reports, status of graduate coursew​ork, honors, fellowships and grants. The travel allowance should be requested prior to travel, while in student status. One-page requests should be sent to Rashelle Popinski at with the following information:

  • Student name, academic program, mentor/advisor, Project Building completion date
  • A brief summary of your participation in CCSN activities or service on committees
  • Name, date(s) and location of conference or purpose of trip (if other than a conference)
  • Description of the work that will be presented or discussed
  • Statement on how the travel will further your science, education or career

​The CCSN Directors will review all requests and students will be notified promptly upon review. Questions should be directed to Rashelle Popinski.​