The list below indicates faculty that have in the past or are currently supervising CCSN students, or have otherwise been connected to the pathway. The list is not exhaustive, nor indicative of faculty eligibility (as there are no restrictions on faculty eligible to supervise CCSN students). If you are interested in being added to this list, please contact Carmen Horn (  

Ream Al-Hasani
Martha Bagnall
Dennis Barbour
Deanna Barch
Todd Braver
Bruce Carlson

Yao Chen
ShiNung Ching

Joseph Culver
Nico Dosenbach

Tom Franken
Brian Gordon
Denise Head
Keith Hengen
Tammy Hershey
Erik Herzog
Tim Holy

Adam Kepecs
Wouter Kool
Eric Leuthardt
Ilya Monosov
Dan Moran
Camillo Padoa-Schioppa
Barani Raman

Zachariah Reagh
Ismael Seáñez
Larry Snyder

Gaia Tavoni
David Van Essen

Muriah Wheelock
Jeff Zacks​