“South to South Collaboration to Strengthen Child and Adolescent Mental Health in SSA: Lessons Learned from SMART Africa Center”
Virtual Conference – April 21-22, 2021

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Conference Videos

Opening Remarks and Presentation by Dr. Vikram Patel
Opening remarks by Dr. Fred Ssewamala, Dean Mary McKay; and Chancellor Andrew Martin

Featured Presentation by Dr. Vikram Patel – Acting Early: From Developmental Science to Scalable Interventions for the Prevention of Mental Health Problems

Global Mental Health Priorities

Featured Presentation by Joshua Gordon, PhD, Director, and Holly Campbell-Rosen, Program Officer at National Institute of Mental Health

Panel 1: Scale-up Study in Uganda: Key Implementation Components and Preliminary Findings

Moderator: Fred Ssewamala, PhD
Panelists: Rachel Brathwaite, PhD, William Byansi, Joshua Kiyingi, Josephine Nabayinda, Yesim Tozan, PhD 

Engaging Governments to Build Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa 

Keynote Address by Cornelius Williams, MA, Associate Director & Global Chief of Child Protection Programme Division, UNICEF 

Panel 2: South to South Collaboration on Child Mental Health Issues

Moderator: Arvin Bhana, PhD
Panelists: Emmanuel Asampong, PhD, Muthoni Mathai, PhD, Noeline Nakasujja, PhD

Day 2 Opening Remarks and Presentation by Dr. Geetha Bansal: Training a New Cadre of Researchers from the Global South 

Remarks by VC Kurt Dirks: Washington University Global Partnerships between Washington University and Universities in Sub-Saharan

Presentation by Dr. Geetha Bansal, PhD, Program Officer, HIV/AIDS Research and Training Programs, Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health

Panel 3: SMART Africa Kenya Team, Lessons Learned from a Capacity Building Site  

Moderator: Keng-Yen Huang, PhD
Panelists: Manasi Kumar, PhD, Muthoni Mathai, PhD, Anne Mbwayo, PhD, Teresia Mutavi, PhD

Child and Adolescent Mental Health: WHO Priorities
Keynote Address by Dr. Florence Baingana, MMed, Regional Adviser for Mental Health, WHO Regional Office for Africa, and Dr. Chiara Servili, MD/PhD, Technical Officer, WHO Department of Mental Health and Substance Use 

Panel 4: SMART Africa Ghana Team – Lessons Learned from a Capacity Building Site / Closing Remarks

Moderator: Emmanuel Asampong, PhD
Panelists: Zenaib Abubakar, Ama Boadu, PhD,
Kingsley Kumbelim, Asanatu K. Sumani