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Brathwaite, R., Ssewamala, F. M., Sensoy Bahar, O., McKay, M. M.,…& SMART Africa –Uganda Field Team (2021, online first). The longitudinal impact of an evidence-based multiple family group intervention (Amaka Amasanyufu) on Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Impaired functioning among children in Uganda: analysis of a cluster randomized trial from the SMART Africa-Uganda scale-up study (2016- 2022). Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. 

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Sensoy Bahar, O., Cavazos-Rehg, P., Ssewamala, F. M., Abente, B., Peer, L., Nabunya, P., Soto de Laurido, L. E., Betancourt, T. S., Bhana, A., & Edmond, T. (2021). Training LEADers to Accelerate Global Mental Health Disparities Research (LEAD) Program: A Research Training Program Protocol. Frontiers in public health9, 749627.

Kivumbi, A., Byansi, W.,Damulira, D., Namatovu, P., Mugisha, J., Sensoy Bahar, O., McKay, M.M., Hoagwood, K., & Ssewamala, F.M. (2019). Prevalence of behavioral disorders and attention deficit hyperactive disorder among school going children in Southwestern Uganda. BMC Psychiatry, 19(105).

Global Social Welfare: Research, Policy, & Practice. Special Issue on Equity, Collaboration, and Empowerment in Mental Health Research Partnerships, September 2019, Volume 6, Issue 3
Issue editors:  Manasi Kumar, PhD & Ozge Sensoy Bahar, PhD

Kumar, M., & Sensoy Bahar, O. (2019). Introduction to the issue on equity, collaboration, and empowerment in mental health research partnerships. Global Social Welfare: Research, Policy, & Practice, 6(3), 141-144.

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SMART Africa – Affiliate Publications

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