PrEP Care Support Referrals

We partner with a variety of organizations to provide further support to persons taking PrEP:

Read more about our community referral partners and collaborations on our Partners page.

Resources For PrEP Clients

Need help with Internet or data connection?

These Programs can help you secure free or low-cost internet services, allowing you to access telehealth services to manage and maintain your PrEP regimen.

Help keep your PrEP care and insurance information private.

This sheet can help you to understand your billing information and also to help keep your sexual health programs and testing private.

These questions can help you navigate your insurance regarding PrEP cost.

Unsure of what PrEP will cost you? Use this sample worksheet to talk with your insurance provider.

Do You Qualify For Medicaid In Missouri?

Not only can you get help paying for healthcare, but also in-house care, transportation to health appointments, and more. There is NO enrollment period, and you can sign up at any time!

Individuals seeking PrEP information or appointments can call our hotline Monday-Friday between 8 AM – 6 PM.

Call: 314-362-9098

The PrEP Program at Wash U makes getting PrEP easy and Affordable! Let us help you take control of your sexual health; no insurance is required!