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Missouri PrEP Implementation Toolkit

Toolkit to accelerate the adoption of comprehensive PrEP care among different settings and organizations.

The toolkit includes templates for clinic and program operation procedures regarding PrEP implementation. Resources include material for all members of the health care team, case managers, social workers, administrators, and providers. The toolkit is adapted for Missouri healthcare providers and organizations. The most recent version from 2018 is uploaded here. 

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PrEP Referral Brochure

Information about PrEP for St. Louis Clients and Providers

This brochure contains information for individuals in St. Louis, MO about PrEP, including where to find providers and resources for paying for PrEP. It may be adapted for use in other regions. Click here to find an editable Publisher version of the document.

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Resource Guide for PrEP Users in St. Louis

Comprehensive support service referrals for St. Louis area individuals

This resource guide lists comprehensive support services for individuals in the St. Louis area, including HIV/STI testing, mental health support, primary care provider, housing support and more. It is tailored for those who use or are seeking PrEP services. The guide may be adapted for use in other regions. Please click here for an editable Word version of the document.