The Washington University in St. Louis PrEP Program offers PrEP as part of our comprehensive HIV prevention services. The program also engages in research regarding PrEP implementation.

We work with health departments, providers, and community organizations to provide PrEP education and capacity building to expand access to HIV prevention services in the St. Louis region and beyond.

What We Do:

The PrEP Program

Providing PrEP to People Across The St. Louis Region

Capacity Building

Building the abilities of CBO’s in the Mid-West to provide PrEP to their communities


Providing clinical research into the efficacy and adoption of PrEP across communities

We Are Committed To:

    • High-quality, comprehensive, and culturally competent care
    • Cutting-edge research
    • Innovative program development
    • Education and capacity building
    • Community engagement
    • Advocacy

    Our Model

    We have developed services that are accessible, affordable, and high quality for uninsured, underinsured, and insured individuals. We collaborate with community partners to be the comprehensive, “one-stop” clinic for HIV prevention.