Before you start medical school, you will likely have thousands of questions about what it is like to be a medical student. We have answers written by people who know best — actual medical students.


We each have our own ways of learning, but we’re all committed to helping our classmates excel.


There are so many opportunities to explore your interests and serve in a leadership role here at WUSM.

Professional Development

Building future leaders in medicine is an objective that permeates the culture at WUSM, where mentorship and sponsorship are the norm.

Student Resources & Wellness

From your physical health to your mental health, WUSM has you covered as you tackle the challenges of medical school.

Social Life

With so many class- and society-sponsored events it is easy to make fast friends to keep you company during your med school journey.

The Gateway Curriculum

The renewed curriculum is designed to empower you to change the face of medicine through advancements in human health.

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