Delve into the unique perspectives of our diverse student body, including cultural background, relationships, and religion, and see how they impact the study of medicine.

Our Furry (& Scaly) Friends

Take a look at our non-two-legged companions.

Our Identities

Diverse perspectives make our class great. Here are some of the lenses through which we view the world.


Everyone approaches medical school differently; here are some ways that have worked for us.

Our Hobbies

See how we explore passions and hobbies outside of the classroom.

Our Relationships

Advice on navigating interpersonal relationships alongside your academic endeavors.

Where We’ve Been

We all come from different places. See how we stay true to our roots in medical school.

Section Editor

Emma Payne

Emma Payne

Perspectives Section Editor

Hi, all! My name is Emma, and I’m originally from Cambridge, Massachusetts. I stuck around for college at Harvard University, where I studied neurobiology and economics and competed as a distance runner in cross country and track. I took three gap years, working in New York City and then Boston at a health care data analytics software startup. This is my first time living in the Midwest and it’s been great so far! Other than running, I’m a big fan of podcasts and audiobooks. I also love dogs, although I don’t have any (the bigger the better).