The official student-produced guide to our school, city, and life in medical school.

Written by first-year medical students for the next incoming class, the Dis-Orientation Guide is the definitive source for how to happily survive and thrive at Washington University School of Medicine.


Take in some words of wisdom from the Dean of the Medical School, the Dean of Admissions, and the medical student editors of the Dis-O Guide.

Why WashU

Every year, about 100 students choose Washington University School of Medicine. Read the stories of our class to see why we chose WUSM.

Community Engagement: In STL, for STL

WUSM is on the cusp of re-envisioning community engagement with a view to making a positive impact on the populations we serve.                                                                

WUSM Experience

You likely have thousands of questions about what it is like to be a medical student. We have answers from the people who know best — actual medical students.


Delve into the unique perspectives of our diverse student body, including cultural backgrounds, relationships, and religion, and see how they impact our studies.


Moving can be scary. Here, we have valuable information that can help make your transition a little bit easier, including information on our favorite apartments.  

Life in the Lou

Our tips to help you make the most of your time in St. Louis. We have tips on how to stay fit, find the best places to eat, travel the world, and get around St. Louis.


Adjusting to medical school can be difficult. Here, graduating M4s and some of our M1 class’s most popular WUSM faculty share words of wisdom for your time in St. Louis.

Meet the Senior Editors

Meet the Section Editors

Our Cover

This year’s Dis-O cover was designed by Barrett Dryden (M1). Thank you to Barrett for his work.

Our Photography

Photo credits are sometimes specifically indicated in our captions. Where not specifically indicated, we would like to acknowledge Matt Miller and Washington University School of Medicine for their photographic contributions, as well as the following classmates who submitted photographs and other visual content for our use:

Aaron Guo, Adam Ostergar, Alex Kim, Allie Lenyo, Angela Cattani, Anthony Wang, Ariella Coler-Reilly, Ashley Amukamara, Arwa Mohammad, Austin Hannemann, Austin Ibele, Avan Anita, Brooke Higgins, Bruin Pollard, Caroline Scott, Clara Liu, Cole Pavelchek, Colin McCornack, Cory French, David Lauzier, Elizabeth Cordell, Emma Payne, Evan Marsh, Faisal Ahmad, Garrett Camps, Gideon Haber, Gopika Hari, Grace Uwasi, Haley Sherburne, Jack Basse, Jackie Hampton, Jazmine Mays, Jennifer Lee, John Daines, Jonathan Yu, Julia Hamilton, Kaamya Varagur, Kamilah Abdur-Rashid, Karim Saoud, Katie Carbonell, Kay Park, Kelsie Kodama, Kevin Naceanceno, Kristin Pfeifauf, Kushi Mallikarjun, Kwasi Enin, Lane Parmely, Laura Baratta, Lizzie Tilden, Madeline Danforth, Maggy Botros, Marina Nguyen, Marina Perez-Plazola, Matt Millet, Nikita Sood, Patrick Ward, Rachel Butler, Rachel Mintz, Rachel Rios, Reyan Coskun, Riley Mullins, Ryan Wahidi, Sam Murphy, Steven Yang, Tim Kong, Vera Thornton, and Vinay Penna.

We would especially like to thank our Dis-O photographer, Colin McCornack, for his many contributions.