St. Louis is all about the free and affordable festivals and events, and they are a huge part of our city’s rich culture. I think it’s hard for a tourist to St. Louis to really get a feel for what this city offers. It takes living here and taking advantage of the diverse array of opportunities that exist year round to really get it. From the Balloon Glow, massive Mardi Gras celebration (second only to New Orleans in size!), to Fair St. Louis for the 4th of July and Pride STL, we are a city that loves to celebrate. Living here gives you the opportunity to really immerse yourself in what it means to be a St. Louisan, and being at WUSM means having close-knit friends with whom to enjoy these fun experiences. Maybe it’s the classic Midwestern hospitality at play here, but we know how to throw a party here in St. Louis.

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