We welcome you to join our scientific adventure to understand the function of neuromodulators and the function of sleep, and become future bridge builders between cellular and systems neuroscience. We are highly committed to mentoring, and aspire to build a diverse team where we support, enrich, and inspire each other, and help every individual find their self expression through science. We also take great pride in being a part of our excellent neuroscience community, Wash U is consistently ranked as one of the top programs in Neurobiology and behavior in the world.

We embrace people from diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds, and are always open to highly motivated and genuinely interested individuals  to join our team.

We are hiring!

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Post-doctoral Fellows

If you are interested in joining us as a postdoc, please contact us at yaochen[at]wustl.edu with a) a cover letter describing your past research and future interests, b) your CV, including a list of publications, and c) the names and contact information of three references.

We are open to candidates from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to neuroscience, molecular and cell biology, biophysics, systems biology, and engineering. At this stage, we are particularly interested in candidates with expertise in animal behavior, systems neuroscience, and/or quantitative data analysis.

More information about being a Postdoc at Wash U.

PhD Students

The Chen lab is associated with the DBBS, Biomedical Engineering, and Imaging Science programs at Washington University.

For current Wash U students interested in our lab, please contact us at yaochen[at]wustl.edu to discuss potential rotations.

For prospective students, please apply directly to one of the PhD programs listed above or the MD/PHD program (MSTP) , and we will be happy to discuss potential opportunities during your interview or after acceptance to one of the programs.


If you are interested in conducting research in the lab for credit as a Washington  University undergraduate, we are a Bio 500N/U Independent Research in Neuroscience lab.

If you are interested in working in our lab as a summer undergraduate, please contact Yao at yaochen[at]wustl.edu with a cover letter and your CV. Please also consider applying to one of the summer research programs at Wash U that will provide additional mentoring and enrichment activities while you work in the lab during the summer.

High School Students

We accept students for summer research from Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience and students participating in Young Scientist Program