Meet the Lab


Yao Chen

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Cell Biology and Physiology, and Biomedical Engineering

Anna Oldenborg

Laboratory Supervisor

Aditi Maduskar

Postdoc Research Associate

Pingchuan Ma

PhD candidate, DBBS

Peter Chen

BME Master’s student

Samarth Aggarwal

Research Technician

Sophie Ma

Undergraduate researcher

Alicia Repka

Undergraduate researcher

Ricky Wang

Undergraduate researcher


  • Wenxi Yang (undergraduate)
  • Zack Young (undergraduate)
  • Evin Jaff (undergraduate)
  • Kaixin Pan (undergraduate)
  • Kusch Qin (Master’s student in Chemistry)
  • Ann Zhou (undergraduate)
  • David Bradford (undergraduate)
  • Taylor John-Lewis (undergraduate)
  • Lauren Ellis (undergraduate)
  • Emmanuel Ebirim (undergraduate)
  • Joe Landers (research technician)