Job opening

Dr. Mitreva is looking for candidates with a Graduate degree (Ph.D.) in bioinformatics, computational biology or a related field to join in our search for genetic markers and mechanisms of resistance to anthelmintic drugs to facilitate  production of tools to tackle parasite emergence and spread.

For further details please visit our WashU job posting

Post-doctoral researchers

To enquire about the availability of a Postdoctoral position please email

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Summary of graduate research (up to one page)
  • Future plans (up to one page)

Graduate students

a) Please apply through one of the three Biology & Biomedical Sciences (DBBS) PhD graduate programs:

b) For prospective MA/MD graduate degree (one-year research during your MD program) please contact Dr. Mitreva directly at to discuss possibilities based on your interests.

Graduate student rotations

Laboratory rotations are available for first-year graduate students and occur on a quarterly basis.  Rotation projects are ~10-week projects and can be tuned to a student’s skills and interests.  If you are interested in rotation in our lab please contact Dr. Mitreva at to discuss projects and plans.

Undergraduate and intern researchers

Undergraduates that can devote at least 12 hours per week during the academic year or full-time during the summer can work in the lab.  Freshmen/sophomores are able to experience the excitement of doing science by being involved in ongoing projects and juniors/seniors can be involved in ongoing or start new projects.  To explore availability, email your CV and statement of research interests to