For information regarding collaboration with Mitreva Lab please contact Dr. Makedonka Mitreva (

We are located in and around office #5135 on the 5th floor of the McDonnell Genome Institute on the Medical Campus of Washington University:

Visit Us

By public transport

You can take the MetroLink to get to The McDonnell Genome Institute from Lambert Airport.

Get off the train at the Central West End station. Walk east (the same direction as the train you just got off of) to S Taylor Ave. Turn left at S Taylor Ave and walk one short block to Duncan Ave. Turn right on Duncan Ave and walk one block towards Newstead Ave. Before you get to Newstead, you will see a six-story black brick building on the left. The front entrance is on the Newstead side of the building. Take the elevator to the fifth floor and follow signs to the McDonnell Genome Institute main office. Call our front office at 314-286-1800 if you get lost.

By car

From the airport, take I-70 east to I-170 south. Take I-170 south to I-64/40 east. Take I-64/40 east until you reach Kingshighway North. Take Kingshighway north (left onto Kingshighway) to Forest Park Ave. Go east on Forest Park Ave (right onto Forest Park). The institute will be 3 blocks from Kingshighway on your right.