Makedonka Mitreva, PhD

Professor of Medicine / Principal Investigator

Current Lab Members

Young-Jun Choi, PhD

Staff Scientist

Young-Jun’s research focuses on the study of the helminth parasites involved in neglected tropical diseases that cause suffering among some of the world’s poorest communities. He uses comparative and population genomic approaches to make discoveries that improve our understanding of parasite biology and our ability to control these infections.

Hyeim Jung

PhD Student

John C Martin

Mgr, App Programming & Development

John Martin has been with the MGI for more than 20 years and for most of that time has been a part of Dr. Mitreva’s lab.  John locates & implements (or develops) applications for the group as needed, does data processing, provides informatics support and oversees the IT needs of the group.

Bruce Rosa, PhD

Assistant Professor

Bruce has worked in Dr. Mitreva’s lab at the MGI for over 7 years. His bioinformatics projects focus on analysis and interpretation of high throughput datasets including genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics, of parasitic helminths, humans and mice, as well as human microbiomes.

Rahul Tyagi, PhD

Staff Scientist

Rahul has worked with Dr. Mitreva for more than 7 years and led multiple projects including those that involved comparative parasite genomics, drug discovery, metabolic networks, non-coding RNA discovery etc. He has also been an important part of multiple collaborative projects involving genomic, transcriptomic and chemigenomic analyses. 

Alan Zhu

Undergraduate student

Lab Alumni

Name MitrevaLab position Current position Link
Sahar Abubucker, MS Programmer Analyst (2005-2012) Senior Data Scientist, Sanofi Linkedin
Brit Andersen, PhD Graduate student (2014-2018) WUSM MD student
Veena Bhonagiri, MS Programmer Analyst
Darius Bost Undergraduate student (2014) Graduate student at WashU in St. Louis
Keerthana Chintalapati Undergraduate student (2018) Undergraduate student at WashU in St. Louis
Yenny Djuardy, MD, PhD Visiting scholar (2013) Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, Universities Indonesia, Jakarta Linkedin
Xin Gao, PhD Post-Doctoral researcher (2011-2015) Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Maryland at College Park Linkedin
Michael Guzman Rotation student (2014) WashU PhD student (Bose Lab) Linkedin
Esley Heizer, PhD Post-Doctoral researcher (2010-2012) Systems Engineer at Applied Systems Linkedin
Esha Jian, MS Undergraduate student (2013) Associate Computational Biologist II at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Linkedin
Yanyan Jian, MD, PhD Visiting scholar (2016) Chinese CDC, Shanghai, China
Karthik Kota, MS Programmer Analyst (2009-2012) Sr Software Engineer @ Stanford Health Care Linkedin
Lucja Labuda, PhD Visiting scholar (2014) Department of Parasitology, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands
Samantha McNulty, PhD Post-Doctoral researcher (2013-2016) Project Manager, Genomics and Pathology Services, WUSM WUSM link
Kathie Mihindukulasuriya, PhD Staff Scientist (2014-2015) Staff Scientist at Washington University in St. Louis Linkedin
Jess Millar, MD Summer student (2013) NSF Graduate Research Fellow Linkedin
Elaine Otchere, MA, MD MA/MD Graduate student (2016-2017) MD student
Phil Ozersky Programmer Analyst (2013-2015) Bioinformatics and Database developer at Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Linkedin
Roni Partikova Visiting Scholar (2018) M.Sc. Student at Ludwig-Maximilians University Linkedin
Kym Pepin Mgr, App Programming & Development (2009-2016) Clinical Research Coordinate at WUSM Linkedin
Sadhna Rana, PhD Post-Doctoral researcher (2008-2011) Senior Scientist at Tata Consultancy Services Linkedin
Caroline Snowden Visiting Scholar (2018) MD student
Jose Dylan Sosa Undergraduate student (2015) Graduate student
Sasi Surulirai Programmer Analyst (2009-2010)
Yat Tang, PhD Post-Doctoral researcher (2011-2013) Orthodontic Resident at University of Nebraska Medical Center Linkedin
Christy Taylor, PhD Staff Scientist (2009-2012) Associate Science Fellow and Computational Protein Design Lead at Bayer Crop Science Linkedin
Qi Wang, PhD Staff Scientist (2012-2015) Assistant research professor at Arizona State University Linkedin
Zhengyuan Wang, PhD Post-Doctoral researcher (2007-2011) Principal Bioinformatics Scientist at AbbVie Linkedin
Yong Yin, PhD Post-Doctoral researcher (2005-2009) Insect Protection Trait Portfolio Project Lead for Corn Rootworm Control, Associate Science Fellow at Bayer Crop Science Linkedin
Xu Zhang Programmer Analyst (2009-2015) Linkedin