The Millman Lab is committed to sustainable practices and has been certified gold in WashU’s Green Lab Program.

Sustainable practices in the lab include, but are not limited to:

  • Recycling of non-hazardous materials whenever possible.
    • Recycling posters and bins placed around the lab to remind trainees of recyclable materials.
  • Use of waterless water baths.
  • Limited use of autoclave and batch runs.
  • Use of reloadable pipette tip systems.
  • Consolidation of orders to cut emissions caused by shipping as well as local ordering whenever possible.
  • Making of bulk media instead of single-use bottles.
  • Appointing a sustainability liaison to help the lab stay green.


The Millman Lab is also committed to serving the community. Lab Members are encouraged to volunteer at various events throughout the year, with organized group cleanups quarterly.