Lectures/Presentations by Dr. Millman

Unraveling Cellular Complexity in Stem Cell-Derived Islet Identity Through Single-Cell Sequencing

Episode of the podcast The Sugar Science featuring Dr. Millman as a guest on the Ask the Expert segment.

March 2024

The Promise of Stem Cell-Derived Islets in the Fight Against Diabetes

Seminar at the University of Florida Diabetes Institute Seminar Series

April 2023

Engineering of Multi-Cellular Insulin Secreting Tissues for Diabetes Cell Replacement Therapy

Lecture for the Teraski Institute

September 2022

PSC-Derived Regenerative Medicine Therapies: Selecting the Optimal Cell Line

Panel on the most pressing issues of type 1 diabetes hosted by California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM).

June 2022

A Possible Cure For Type 1 Diabetes

Episode on the podcast Eureka’s Sounds of Science featuring Dr. Millman. 

February 2022

State of Science 2021: Prevention of T1D: Remission or Cure?

Panel on the most pressing issues of type 1 diabetes hosted by The Sugar Science.

August 2021

Production of Pancreatic Insulin-Producing β Cells

Episode 11 of The Sugar Science podcast features Dr. Millman sharing his research on the in vitro production and study of pancreatic insulin-producing β cells from human pluripotent stem cells for use in cellular replacement therapy and drug screening.

August 2020

Lectures/Presentations by Lab Members

Nathaniel Hogrebe, Ph.D. / WashU 

Presentation by Dr. Hogrebe at the GESC (Genome, Engineering & Stem Cell) Symposium on Differentiation at WashU.  Dr. Hogrebe presented on the lab’s research on stem cell-derived islets for the treatment of diabetes.

December 2022

Pun Augsornworawat, MSc / The Scientist

Webinar: Understanding Stem Cells, One Cell at a Time

Webinar featuring doctoral student, Punn Augsornworawat, MSc. hosted by The Scientist. Panel discussion examining how single-cell resolution has affected stem cell research, especially with regard to understanding and guiding stem cell differentiation. Tune into the 1:05 mark for Punn’s presentation.

July 2022