Our final Faculty Coffee Hour for the year will be with Dr. Aimilia Gastounioti! She is an assistant professor of radiology and principal investigator in the Computational Imaging Research Center for Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology

Join us for our coffee hour on August 8th @ noon!


  • Briefly describe your research:
    • I am developing my research program in the intersection of computational breast imaging, artificial intelligence, and informatics towards improving breast cancer screening. The goals of the Breast Image Computing Lab that I am leading are not only to pioneer computational imaging and data science methodologies, but also to effectively fuse information from medical imaging domain with genetic and clinical data in order to better understand the etiology driving cancer development and progression, and to develop infrastructure that enables the public dissemination and translation of transdisciplinary biomarkers into clinically useful tools.
  • What are you most excited about in your research area?
    • Working in the intersection of computational imaging, translational research and clinical breast imaging allows us to look at questions that have big implications for patient care.
  • What motivates you the most each day?
    • I get inspired and motivated by the dedication and hard work of my lab members every day. I feel privileged and grateful to have such a hard working and enthusiastic group of young researchers in my lab.
  • Are you accepting new graduate students?
    • Yes!


  • What do you think students appreciate most about working in your lab?
    • I am dedicated to maintaining a vibrant and diverse working environment and to providing as many opportunities as possible for my trainees to pursue their scientific and professional goals.


  • What advice do you have for current graduate students?
    • Networking is a big part of your PhD. Attending and participating in local and international events are a great way to build and maintain professional and social relationships.

Personal Interests

  • What is something that would surprise people about you?
    • I love cooking and trying new recipes every time.
  • What’s your ideal way to spend your weekends?
    • Traveling and spending quality time with my husband, Jose Marcio, and our 3-year old daughter, Stefania.